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Chimene Jackson: Headwrap & Camera

Fashion+Diversity. Vision board raising the awareness that white isn't a colour.

Personal Blog:


…Always reimagining the spaces in which I place my thoughts. If I wouldnt’s use it, I don’t put it out there for you to use.

I love that I create blank books for monumental womben’s lives to be written. Give it time….the marriage of our stories with a journal or cahier will be so unbelievably powerful, so blessed, so incredible—because we both had the courage to tell our stories and speak ourselves into existence on the teastained page.

These Mantra Cahiers are now available in the shop:

Journey soulfully, Queens

Praying for deliverance from worrying about a future I only create in the act of devotional anxiety.
I hear the Small Voice telling me “Are you not more than these?” #vscocam #sheila

I am inspired by the oncoming, because in its warning I find meaning in the elusiveness, the fleeting trail of purpose narrating itself in the past’s presence.
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