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All we ever can is endure… At the point in which we stop believing is the point in which we have bitten into the fruit of knowledge of good and evil: now we are aware of persistently creeping mediocrity, now we see we have failure as an option, now we are aware of constraints and disqualifications that were irrelevant when we first dared to dream. Without those sensations awakened, we were: children, dreamers with no ideas of anything less than the supernatural. When we looked at the storm we stopped walking on the water.
Of all the fruit, I choose life.


I just believe that these things.. These disproportionate, sporadic, narrative things that encompass our existences are so worth writing down.

I believe that in writing down who we are and who we have been we acknowledge and memorialize our fleeting natures at the same time.

I’m enthralled that our current identity is not promised to us; that tomorrow we can wake up and be someone completely different if we so choose. Mostly I am empowered by womanhood and what it means to be many womben encased in one…the implications this has for what we are capable of—just, wow.

I believe every woman we are deserves a monument. What better way to build than by first having written documentation of significance and sequence, season and scenes?

Vagabroad is an extension of my passion in these areas. I pray that as I become the womben I am, some tea stained womban is encouraged to document who she is and venture to be more…

…these are soulful journeys we’re on.

I love you,

For blacks, the “war on terror” hasn’t “come ‘home.’” It’s always been here. How then might we consider the emphasis on the militarization of policing as the problem as another example of “the precariousness of empathy”? The problem with casting militarization as the problem is that the formulation suggests it is the excess against which we must rally. We must accept that the ordinary is fair, for an extreme to be the problem. The policing of black people — carried out through a variety of mechanisms and processes — is purportedly warranted, as long as it doesn’t get too militarized and excessive.


Zelda Wynn Valdes was the first black female fashion designer to own her own boutique. Her famous, figure hugging silhouette was worn by stars such as Dorothy Dandridge, Josephine Baker, Ella Fitzgerald, Joyce Bryant, Maria Cole, Edna Robinson and later superstars like Gladys Knight and opera diva Jessye Norman. She also designed dresses for legendary figures like Marlene Dietrich and Mae West.

Valdes came up with the costume for the Playboy Bunny which remains the same to this day.

(via thisisblackwomen)